Colorful Abstracts ❤ Soothing Seascapes ❤ Awesome Pet Portraits ❤ and Cute Animals

My name is Greta Milan, I sign my work gretzky... It's just a nick name.

My paintings are created with love, by a vegetarian, whole foodist who loves animals and believes in living a harmonious life with all beings who occupy the planet.

I use a lot of recycled materials and I love painting with acrylics on canvas, I also enjoy creating digital art and mixing the two mediums.

My interests include custom pet portraits, tropical landscapes and vibrant colorful non-subjective abstract paintings and patterns and so much more.

I get great joy when I put my Images on fabrics, housewares, apparel and gadgets. Since 2008 I have been working with Print On Demand companies to put my designs on home decor, apparel, accessories and other cool items. Now I am proud to bring some of these special creations to my Esty shop! I choose only the best quality products for my designs from companies who manufacturer in USA and Canada.

I am bursting with creative ideas and artistic desire. I want to paint things that make you feel good when you look at it and hopefully brighten your day.

Let me know if I can paint something for you.

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